Telaina was found as a baby on the outer portion of Na’li by a wizard named For’se. For’se was young but compassionate and decided to save the baby. He took her back to the scholars of Na’li and proceeded to ask to take the child home and raise it as one of his own having lost his own wife and child to disease.

The scholars debated and decided not to allow him to raise her. One of the elders went to take the child when she was suddenly hit with a mental wave of pain. The elder was shocked to find the baby showed signs of magical ability. The amount of power that the baby had already convinced her that the child must be taught and shown how to use magic as they, the wizards do. The elder, Ralaign, relented and told For’se he could raise the child but she must come to her everyday so they could teach her properly.

As she grew, Telaina showed that she was powerful and fully adept at taking on new challenges, but continually failed at being disciplined enough to follow their ways. For’se grew to love Telaina as his daughter as did Ralaign who continued to teach Telaina regardless of her ‘rebellious’ ways. Telaina lived a sheltered life, mostly conversing with the scholars and their apprentices. When she reached her late teens, she began exploring the internal tunnels of the mountains and found a stream which led to a small pool of water which glowed a mystic blue. She continued to return there when she needed to get away as the place always seemed to calm her.

In the recent years, the winds have created a harsher living environment in Na’li and the wizards struggled to understand what could have caused the problems. As most wizards of Na’li had the chance to, Telaina also had the chance to go out and learn more about the world before returning home to commit herself fully to becoming a scholar, or she would continue to learn more about the magic she uses in order to better the wizards understanding of her magic. Telaina set out with For’se and Ralaign’s blessing and traveled to Ironcrag where she met with Chase, Odesma, and Aja and began helping the townspeople.

Not too long after, Telaina had a dream where Ralaign told her to come home, For’se was sick and dying. Upon her return home, she spent her time with For’se as he proceeded to get sicker. Sometime later, For’se informed her that he knew he would not be getting better and would like for her to take his money, his belongings and go to find her own way in the world. He told her not to come back to Na’li unless her journey brought her there. Soon after, For’se died. After taking some time to mourn, Telaina said her goodbyes to Ralaign and set out to try and meet up with the group she traveled with before.


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